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Li-ion batterysThere are 6 products.

Li-ion (Lithium-Ion) batteries have the following advantages in comparison with other older battery technologies :

Longer lifetime = more cycles !
Lighter in weight : 3 x lighter than lead-acid batteries
Better for the environment than lead-acid : ECO friendly
The complete battery capacity is available (no memory-effect)
Flat discharge characteristic, nominal tension is kept regardless the state of charge

Intermediate charging is no problem!

The Lithium-Ion batterypacks are available in LiFePO4 or in LiMnO2 technology.

This means that the battery is assembled with battery cells of the following chemical technology:
LiFePO4 = Lithium Iron Phosphate

Longer lifetime : 2000 cycles ( 80%DOD)
Smaller energy density
Very safe in use

LiMnO2 = Lithium Manganese Oxide

Lighter in weight
Lifetime : 800 cycles (80% DOD)
Higher energy density

The latest generation power solution for Electric Vehicles

Li-ion batteries are divided into three categories: LI-po, Li-Mn and LiFePO4 (see graph below)

The lithium iron phosphate (LiFePO4) battery is an innovation in the battery industry. They are the newest batteries, the main advantage is their high energy efficiency, small weight and long life.

Why choose LifePO4 battery?

- they provide up to 2000 chargings in span of 10 years
- the time required for a quick charge is only 3 hours
- user friendly with charger and holder enclosed
- the battery can be removed and is transportable
- the cells are encased in a durable aluminium casing
- they are ecologically the most acceptable
- they do not contain acids or poisons
- they can efficiently recycled and are the best choice for your electric vehicle

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