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Conversion for electric bicycleThere are 9 products.

Hribitec conversion kits for converting classic bicycles into e-bikes are the right choice for those seeking something more.

Kits offer:
- Silent motor with higher efficiency,
- Three phase brushless electric motor
- Enhanced two-tier aluminum ring

Motors for electric bicycles are available in two versions:
- Mini-motors, which are used to assist in cycling (light weight, clutch)
- Direct motors are used as the main drive (more power and can charge the battery when braking).

The rings are divided by size into four dimensions:
- 406mm / 20 x 1.5 - x 2125
- 559mm / 26 x 1:00 x-2125
- 590mm / 26 x 1 3/8 650 A
- 622mm / 28 x 1 1/2 700 C

Possibility of installation on the front or back of the drive:
- Front drive (better center of gravity and a more even distribution of power to both wheels)
- Rear-wheel drive (better suited to run uphill)

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